What We Offer

Letterbox distribution

In the simplest of terms, we shove bits of paper into letterboxes. But it is a lot more than that.

For our clients, we give you the opportunity to get your message into the hands of householders. Despite the popularity of digital media, letterbox distribution still remains one of the best ways to get your message to your potential clients. Our research indicates that many people will keep a flyer that arrived in their letterbox for years if it is for a business or service that they are thinking about until the time comes to take the action. Letterbox distribution is also a great way to remind people that you are still in business. This sort of grassroots campaign is a great way to engage your local community.

For our staff, this is a great opportunity to gain meaningful employment. We have adopted a deliberate strategy of engaging disabled and disadvantaged people. Providing opportunities for those who are more difficult to place in the mainstream employment sector is a mission that is important to us. We have found this to be more rewarding for all of us.

We can deliver flyers, pamphlets, catalogues and community magazines into letterboxes.

Whilst we don’t do printing ourselves, we can put you in touch with some really great printers.