Terms and Conditions Re Distribution


Residential$60 per thousand flyers into letterboxes
Acreage$145 per thousand flyers into letterboxes
Exclusive$195 per thousand flyers into letterboxes

The Government Count includes all letterboxes in the area, and includes delivery of political materials, community materials, religious materials and free community newspapers/magazines.
The Business Count applies to anyone not included above and is the usual count for most businesses.
Business premises counts are available upon request.
Full backed magnets attract an additional $10 fee per thousand for additional handling requirements.

Pick Up of orders

A pickup fee of $15 applies to pick up of orders

Terms and Conditions

We do not deliver to addresses marked ‘No junk Mail’. ‘Addressed mail only’, ‘Australia Post only’ except for free community newspapers/magazines, political materials, community materials and religious materials. This is in accordance with DSB standards.
Locals’R’us takes no responsibility for response and this is not a valid reason for non-payment.
Distribution schedules may change without notice due to circumstances beyond our control, such as weather or health and safety issues.
If you require tracking of your deliveries, this needs to be advised prior to distribution.

Payment terms

Orders for distribution will be invoiced in full, with 50% to be paid prior to distribution, and the remaining 50% to be paid within 7 days of completed distribution.