About Us

Locals’R’Us - offering letterbox distribution with a difference

All of us are passionate about the Small Business sector and have all run our own small businesses, with about 70 years of business experience between us, across a diverse range of industries and a diverse size of organisations, from the smallest to large corporations.

We have found that as people become more digitally reliant that there is a growing sense of disconnection. And with an ever-increasing saturation of digital marketing, people are, again, feeling the need for a tangible advertising message. This is where flyers come in.

Unfortunately, the distribution industry has a poor reputation, however, we have approached this business with the view that it can work while being honest and ethical in our dealings. Having contracted with several businesses in the industry, we are sick of the deceptive practices and have resolved to do things differently.

Meet The Team

Sharyn Crawford (Founder)

B Bus (HR Management)
MBA (Small business and marketing) plus a myriad of other diplomas and specialty training.
Over 40 years experience in all levels of business from sole trader to corporate head office.
Employment in related industries includes contract work with a number of different letterbox distribution companies and owning 5 franchises of Coffee News. Sharyn has worked in various sectors including banking, retail, local government, hospitality and with various not-for-profits.