Our delivery standards

Letterbox distribution is governed by a self-regulating body called the Distribution Standards Board.

Although we are not required to, we abide by their delivery standards, which are as follows:

  1. We do not deliver to letterboxes that are clearly requesting non delivery unless the materials are exempt (these are free community newspapers/magazines, political materials, religious materials or community materials).
  2. We do not deliver where there is no letterbox
  3. We do not deliver multiple copies of flyers (sometimes flyers may stick together, but we try hard to separate them).
  4. We do not deliver to addresses where the letterbox is overflowing or there is advertising material on the ground.
  5. We do not remove materials from letterboxes to fit our flyers in.
  6. We will only deliver materials to letterboxes that are designed to take letters and newspapers and ensure that our deliveries are secure in the letterbox.
  7. We will not deliver materials that are of an explicit or adult rating content.

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