How do I opt out of receiving junk mail/newspapers etc.?

There are a few ways to opt out of receiving junk mail/newspapers into your letterbox.

  • Ensure your “No Junk Mail” sign is clearly displayed on your letterbox
    • A sign on your front step is NOT adequate, a sign on the gate nearby is NOT adequate and nor is a sign on top of your letterbox that can’t be seen by anyone except an amazon. Sorry, we don’t look at these when we are distributing. If we can’t see the sign, we cannot respect your wishes. If you have a sign on your letterbox it should be clear from all sides – just because the postie always comes from the left doesn’t mean everyone does.  We all work our territory differently.
  • Contact the Distribution Standards Board by calling 1800 670 136
    • This will only stop businesses that are a signatory to the Distribution Standards Board. Not all distribution businesses are members and schools and local businesses who operate locally will not be.
  • Contact the individual business and request your removal from their distribution list
    • If they are using a distribution business, they will let them know.
  • Remove your address from Australia Post’s National Address file database
    • This will only stop Australia Post leaving the advertising material they are distributing.


At Locals’R’us we maintain a Do Not Deliver register.  In this we keep details of people who contact us.  This is then recorded on the maps we use so our delivery personnel are well aware.


Our biggest problem is people ringing and abusing us and refusing to give us your address.  If we don’t have your address, we will keep delivering.  And having your address WILL NOT enable us to hack your bank accounts or steal your information.

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